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When Is the Ethereum Merge?

After some delays and much anguish, the upcoming “Ethereum Merge” is set to happen. Bellatrix, the first stage of this process, happened on September 6th. Yet one question on millions of minds across the world remains: When is the Ethereum merge? 

Paris, the second and final stage, is set to be complete by the next week, likely around September 15th. After this French foray, Ethereum – the world’s second-largest currency following Bitcoin – shall fundamentally change from its very core. Meaning, its blockchain “proof of” protocol shall shift from Bitcoin’s original proof of work to the new, more centralized, and extremely energy efficient, proof of stake. 

The waves of change coming from the behemoth that is Ethereum shall not only shape the future of cryptocurrencies, but of finance itself in a time of “Web3” as retail investors across the world have joined in through massive crypto exchanges like Binance or Coinbase. First, let’s get into the basics of Ethereum, the jargon, and then some of the changes we can all expect.

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