Deltec’s interest in
innovation is limitless

We're helping to make the world of finance and insurance more accessible, less opaque, and easier to navigate for innovators and trailblazers in rapidly growing industries.

    Learn more about multi-currency banking, fund services, and insurance for digital asset companies.

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    02. Who we are

    We are a robust, modern banking, finance, and insurance ecosystem

    We create financial and insurance services that respond to the needs of today’s innovators, trailblazers, forward-thinkers, and inventors, and help to drive the growth and realize the potential of their ideas, businesses, and assets, to, in turn, create a better world.

    01. We are audacious, but always cautious.
    The world is more and more risk adverse. In many cases this risk aversion hinders or even blocks creativity and innovation because it appears too difficult for entrepreneurs and sometimes insurmountable. As a group of regulated entities, we are here to guide and help innovators to comply with many of the various constraints of rules and regulations, so they can keep their eyes on their success road ahead.
    02. We believe in the future.
    We are not afraid of what’s new or unchartered. We explore, we research, we assess risk, we learn, we embrace, we implement. Yet, as regulated entities, we never forget the essential rules of safety and compliance in banking and insurance.
    02. Trusting disruption


    Innovation challenges institutions and takes people out of their habits and comfort-zone.

    We believe in positive disruption to continue pushing our man-made evolution toward a better, more equitable and more sustainable world.

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    The Modern Finance & Insurance Group

    We are an ecosystem of interconnected companies building the future of finance in support of innovation.

    Deltec Bank

    Private Bank and Trust Company


    Digital Asset Financial Services Provider

    Relm Insurance

    Innovative Insurer

    CIT Partners


    Deltec Partners

    Merchant Banking for Emerging Markets

    Deltec Initiatives Foundation

    The aim of the Deltec Initiatives Foundation is to foster an environment that empowers young Bahamians to drive positive social impact through the power of arts, entrepreneurship and education.

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    Whether it’s your first private family fund, or a family of hedge funds, working with our experienced fund administrators drives substantial savings, removing the fixed costs of taking on the heavy lifting.

    The Deltec Fund Services platform administers, supports, and maintains compliant funds, taking into consideration relevant laws and regulations while preserving maximum flexibility. Our structures combine technology and expertise to handle multi-asset classes, private equity, and complex fund structures while mitigating operational risks.

    Launch Support Fund Formation and Structuring Core Fund Administration (Investor Relations and Fund Accounting) Corporate Secretarial Services Compliance Regulatory Reporting Corporate Governance

    To learn more about our fund administration platform, click here. Talk to one of our fund administration professionals.

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    Deltec Investment Advisor’s IPO advisory services ensure your company receives optimal IPO preparation and execution while reducing fixed costs and mitigating disruption to management’s important work. Deltec’s dedicated team is made up of former U.S. Exchange experts, regulators, and capital market practitioners to help effectively navigate the ever-changing capital markets environment.

    Through Deltec Corporate Advisory, Deltec Investment Advisors Limited specializes in IPOs and secondary listings for companies in North American and European capital markets, American depository receipts (ADRs) to innovative businesses, including the technology and healthcare sectors, and advising on private equity and venture capital investments.


    Transaction advice including feasibility, structure, timing, and valuation support


    Drafting and preparation of offering documents and business planning


    Direct access to leading legal counsel, analysts and underwriters


    Investor relations and communications strategy, to ensure clear messaging


    Rigorous transaction execution with a focus on minimizing client distraction

    On-going support

    Assessments, timely disclosures, on-going listing compliance strategy and visibility/branding program
    * Deltec Investment Advisors Limited is registered with the U.S. Securities and Commission Exchange as Investment Adviser pursuant to Section 203 of the Investment Advisors Act of 1940 and registered with the Securities Commission of The Bahamas

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    Deltec Innovative Asset Management is a holistic service provider exclusively for the innovative, disruptive, and self-made.

    Deltec Innovative Asset Management advises ambitious entrepreneurs, founders and innovators who hold significant wealth across various asset classes, including digital assets. Deltec Innovative Asset Management offer both the expertise necessary to effectively managing new wealth and unrivaled access to the full suite of exclusive services within traditional wealth management and opportunities in alternative investments.

    Asset Management Advisory

    • Extensive Cryptocurrency Proficiency
    • Seamless Management of Client Accounts
    • 24/7 Services
      • Trading
      • Payments
      • Digital-Fiat Conversions

    Wealth & Digital Asset Management

    • Brokerage
    • Asset Custody
      • Alternative
      • Digital
      • Traditional
    • Multi-Currency Fiat or Crypto Accounts
    • Payment & Conversion Services
    • Tailored Investment Solutions
    • Lombard Lending

    Estate Planning

    • Multi-Generational Wealth Planning
    • Trust, Foundation or Custom Structures
    • Corporate & Fiduciary Services

    Fund Administration

    • Fund Formation & Structuring
    • Corporate Services & Governance
    • Complete Administrative Management

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    A captive insurance company is a licensed insurance company that is owned and controlled by its insureds and primarily insures the risks of its owners.

    Deltec offers a comprehensive solution to guide you from determining whether a captive is right for you to helping create and manage your captive – all while guiding you through the paperwork, regulatory considerations, and administrative steps in between.

    Whether considering forming a captive or redomiciling an existing one, our experts make the process as smooth as possible.

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    Halcyon Life, Ltd. is a Bahamas domiciled life insurance company that provides life insurance to high net worth, non-US persons.

    Halcyon issues coverage in the form of a non-cash value whole of life insurance contract. This product provides clients with the convenience of funding premium in one single payment (if desired), investment flexibility, as well as a tool to assist with wealth transfer and tax efficiency.

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    Our Team

    A dynamic team of financial, technology and regulatory experts.

    Our Executive Team

    Deltec's Executive team has a broad wealth of knowledge in innovative industries, such as blockchain and digital assets space as well as banking and insurance and work to provide uniquely designed financial and insurance solutions to the rapidly growing innovation sectors.

    Our Board of Directors

    Deltec’s board members bring long-term value creation and organizational longevity in today's highly dynamic business environment, including best-in-class corporate governance standards, focusing on global compliance requirements and financial services innovation.

    Board of Directors






    Chief Strategy & Legal Officer


    Chief Commercial Officer


    Managing Director in the Forensic Accounting & Advisory Services practice at FTI Consulting, focusing on shareholder engagement, activism and the M&A solution offering.


    Founder and Principal of Liquid Advisors

    Annemarie is a seasoned financial services lawyer/strategist with substantial SEC, law firm, and in-house legal experience, including experience in broker dealer regulation, blockchain legal and regulatory issues, securities transactional work, SEC rules and regulations, corporate governance, and international expansion.

    Dr. Gideon Berger,

    Serves as Co-Chief Investment Officer of the Hedge Fund Solutions Group and served as Senior Managing Director at The Blackstone Group L.P.


    Former PwC Crypto Leader and Partner and former Chairman of the FinTech Association of Hong Kong, and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Hong Kong where he teaches the first FinTech university course globally.

    05. Connect

    The Future Will Be Built As Partners

    We partner with you to design the best solutions across financial and insurances services in support of your business and individual goals. Connect with us today.

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