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What Is Somnium Space?

Somnium Space started in 2017 and is by area one of the largest virtual blockchain worlds (VBWs). Like with other VBWs, on Somnium Space, users can create fully customizable environments and programmable independent VR experiences within its larger connected world. These environments are possible through Somnium’s four key offerings:

  • An SDK to create avatars and property
  • An NFT marketplace where game-based assets can be traded
  • A module for building environments and structures within them
  • Virtual reality experiences

Somnium Space allows creators to build and monetize VR experiences for their users that are from their own imaginations while also integrating blockchain technology. This quality means that the creators are the designers and main recipients of value. Let’s take a deeper look into this second-largest take on the metaverse.  

Somnium Space Basics

Somnium Space is a VBW built on the Ethereum blockchain. Somnium is an open-source platform with an immersive VR world that allows users to buy digital real estate, including land, homes, buildings, and several other in-game assets that have value. Somnium’s immersive dynamics allow its players to build and monetize their environments or visit other users’ creations like swimming pools, museums, restaurants, or nightlife and casinos. The possibilities for building within Somnium are nearly limitless, allowing for the construction of unique experiences, worlds, and assets. 

While traditional multiplayer VR games have their users divided into mirrored instance rooms via sub-servers, Somnium hosts all the players in a vast interconnected world. Within its broader VR universe, users can create Somnium environments, customized and programmable independent VR experiences. 

What’s more, the NFT assets from within Somnium are compatible with other metaverses and platforms throughout the Ethereum blockchain (and potentially other blockchains) ecosystem.  

Somnium has its four main elements that are listed in the introduction, and it has deeply incorporated NFTs into its technology, allowing players to bring NFTs from outside its universe (from other parts of the decentralized ecosystem) inside.

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