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NFT and Crypto in GameFi

The GameFi sector has been one of the main contributors to the explosive growth of the cryptocurrency market over the past few years.

Gamers can earn incentives while playing thanks to GameFi, a combination of the words “finance” and “gaming.”

With consistent growth, the market has a token market cap of almost $9.2 billion. Notably, despite the crypto winters, GameFi networks have endured and thrived. 

By 2031, the sector is expected to be worth $74.2 billion.

What Is GameFi?

GameFi is a platform that combines blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and game mechanics to build a virtual world where users may interact and earn tokens.

Video games used to be stored on centralized servers, allowing publishers and creators complete control over everything in their games. This meant that none of the digital objects that players had gathered over many hours or even years of gaming belonged to them. 

Few of these objects had any use outside the game, ranging from avatars and virtual territories to weapons and clothes (sometimes referred to as “skins”). Therefore, there was no practical mechanism for users to get reimbursed for their online time or have access to the value of their acquired in-game goods without undertaking a professional gaming career.

Players earn in-game rewards by completing objectives and moving through different stages in GameFi games. These prizes, as opposed to conventional in-game money and equipment, have monetary worth outside of the gaming industry.

The industry has been dubbed “play-to-earn” because of gaming products given in the form of NFTs as “accomplishment tokens” that may be exchanged on NFT marketplaces or cryptocurrency exchanges.

Even though “play-to-earn” is the preferred terminology, participating in GameFi involves risk, including the possibility of incurring significant upfront fees that a player might lose.

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