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How AI Transforms Medical Research

Using artificial intelligence (AI), businesses have been moving toward digital transformation long before the Covid-19 pandemic in their collective quest to optimize production, product quality, safety, services, and customer experiences. Some actively desired a sustainable planet for all. 

The advantages of the next digital era feel limitless. Still, businesses are hesitant to adopt these technologies because they require significant behavioural and structural changes, such as new business models, operating procedures, worker skill sets, and mindsets. These technologies include not only AI, but machine learning, and deep learning “at the edge” (where rapid automation occurs). 

The pandemic acted as a wake-up call to drastically accelerate the timescale for digital transformation since it put our way of life in danger. 

The need is urgent and lifesaving, and the time is now. This is supported by a recent IBM poll that shows the Covid-19 epidemic caused the majority of global organizations (six out of 10) to accelerate their digital transformation strategies.

Due to the pandemic, we can see how creative problem-solving and once-in-a-lifetime risk-taking leads to incredible breakthroughs and significant improvements. 

Medical research is one vital area that is reaping the benefits of accelerated AI adoption.

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