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Deltec teams up with Jambb for an NFT Giveaway at Crypto Bahamas

Deltec, a leading financial and insurance services group for innovators and trailblazers around the world, announced that it teamed up with Jambb and Jambb Comedy, the Web3 home of comedy’s top digital collectibles, for an exclusive NFT giveaway at Crypto Bahamas.

Attendees of Deltec’s Trusting Disruption stage at Crypto Bahamas were given a ‘golden ticket’ for a chance to win Jambb’s All-Access Badge, with admission to an ultra-exclusive community and full access to all live and virtual Jambb events and productions.

Jambb combines comedy with NFTs in a memorable and creative way, changing the paradigm of the “traditional” NFT by giving fans a chance to own rare, exclusive comedy collectibles minted in small batches, and utilize that content in a myriad of ways through the Jambb platform.

Past events include Non-Fungible Jokin’, the world’s first NFT comedy special, featuring Maria Bamford, Pete Holmes, Zainab Johnson, Chaunté Wayans, and more; Hannibal’s Comedy Jambb, featuring Hannibal Buress, Azhar Usman, and more; and Jambb Presents: Lowkey Comedy, featuring Damon Wayans, Beth Stelling, Candice Thompson, and more.

Jambb’s next live event will take place in June during NFT.NYC.

Deltec, the crypto-friendly financial services and insurance group, was a platinum sponsor of Crypto Bahamas and partnered with FTX and SALT to curate innovative content on the Trusting Disruption stage.

‘Trusting Disruption’ is a platform created by Deltec to connect with and advocate for visionary entrepreneurs, speakers, and investors by creating a forum to share ideas, host content, and support innovation.

Deltec helps to make the world of finance and insurance more accessible and easier to navigate for innovators and trailblazers in rapidly growing industries.

About Deltec

Deltec empowers SMEs, their founders, and investors to accelerate in their industries and grow their wealth with access to robust financial and insurance capabilities.

Through its member companies Deltec offers private and corporate banking, fiduciary expertise, fund administration, investment management, digital asset financial services, insurance for new and emerging risks and merchant banking.

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About Jambb

Founded in 2020, Jambb is a Web3 entertainment company on a mission to serve collectors by unlocking the value of novel content and empowering them to own cultural moments with utility and exclusivity akin to physical collectibles.

Launching with the best source of comedy collectibles in the world, Jambb Comedy—our flagship entertainment property—enables fans to acquire and share epic content in the form of their favorite jokes, sets, specials, and memorabilia. In addition, Jambb’s platform gives comedians the opportunity to reach new types of fans, create additional revenue streams from their content, and potentially benefit from open secondary markets—a mechanism unique to NFTs that is rarely, if ever, seen in entertainment. Learn more at