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Deltec donates much-needed computers to The Quakoo Street Community Centre

Recognizing that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a readjustment to the country’s educational system, Deltec Cares was more than happy to donate 13 desktop computers to the Quakoo Street Community Centre computer lab on Monday, November 23rd.  The new computer lab had lacked its key component; computers.

Many children from the Bain & Grants Town and Centreville constituencies who do not have access to a computer or the internet at home are relying on the centre’s new lab to assist them with their remote learning programs. Now, thanks to Deltec they will be able to use the computers at the centre.

Administrator at the Quakoo Street Community Centre, Belinda Chipman, thanked Deltec for the generous much-needed donation. She said the children will definitely benefit from having access to the computers and she expressed gratitude on their behalf.

​Deltec Cares wishes to thank Renee Ijeoma and the ICT team for assembling the computer systems so that the donation could be made. The team insured that the computers were equipped with a Windows 10 base operating system. ICT also ensured that a Microsoft Office Suite and antivirus protection was also installed.

Deltec Cares will continue to reach out to assist the country’s most vulnerable communities.

Our photo shows some of the members of the Deltec Cares team at the community centre.