Bear Market Crypto Strategies

In June 2022, the S&P 500 entered its first major bear market, excepting the very brief bear market of 2020, in 13 years. Bitcoin’s original ethos of “digital gold” implied a lack of correlation to traditional markets. Yet crypto, the S&P 500, and Nasdaq appear interlinked regardless. So, what are the possible bear market crypto strategies available to investors today? 

First, we must understand the relative youth of cryptocurrencies as an asset class: 13 years. Analysts focusing upon traditional asset classes benefit from over a century of modern data concerning stocks, bonds, funds, and so forth. However, every year brings something new for crypto. 

Second, a traditional bear market should not in theory translate to a “crypto bear market.” Yes, so far, it does. What causes such a bear market, then? 

Third, what bear market crypto strategies are available to us? Usable data and advice feels limited. There remains a handful of globally minded, professional advisors specializing in digital assets. Fortunes continue to be made with crypto, and there are relevant tips for all of us. 

This article delves into crypto bear markets, their possible causes, and the strategies for coming out on top. Read more here.