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AI and Blockchain: Disrupting Together

Businesses that effectively embrace the digital transition will prosper as the world changes. The world as we know it is about to change because of two developing technologies: blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI).

However, it’s not always clear whether these two technologies complement or compete. Are they compatible or antagonistic with one another?

How can you ensure that your company embraces blockchain and AI seamlessly?


A blockchain is a continuously growing digital ledger that records every transaction that has ever taken place. The continuous ledger that is made up of a “chain” of “blocks” of data are connected across a network of computers and is referred to as a “blockchain.”

The network of computers that manages the blockchain disperses data across the network, unlike a conventional database, which is controlled by a single entity. As a result, a highly secure, transparent, and immutable distributed network system is produced.

This is so that any changes or additions to the ledger don’t require simultaneous changes to all of the computers on the blockchain network, which each maintains an identical copy of the ledger. As a result, the blockchain system creates a very safe and impenetrable record of transactions.

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